The Commandments Of Web Design

by liamdaisley

Commandment 1: Always have a plan

“Just having a play” with a website can be fun, but the nature of coding is both more effective and efficient when you know what you want to achieve in the session you’ve sat down for, and make incremental steps towards the end result.

I stress the importance of this in both the short term:
in order to complete the goals set out by yourself

and long term:
because much like the site I’m designing, as the code begins to build in complexity, it can be easy to get “a bit stuck” and take a shortcut route out.

Commandment 2: Plan theĀ planning process

Again, the importance of planning cannot be iterated enough. Label sketches, type out the idea you think might work, anything that comes to mind that can contribute to a conceptualisation of an idea so well idealised, it practically exists.

Commandment 3: Have a Plan B/C/D

Always a good idea, particularly in this instance due to your lack of knowledge at this point (particularly of positioning and placing elements on a screen).