What designer do you want to become?

by liamdaisley


Primarily working for digital (web design, advertisement) but also print (poster, branding, business cards, letterheads, email signatures, publications etc) formats, the designer I want to become continues to focus his attention predominantly on familiar design outputs, using (when appropriate) some others (ie lino printing, signwriting, drawing)) to deliver impressive, meaningful outcomes for an expansive and varied clientele in a way that, first and foremost, caters to their needs and expectations.

Projects would be governed by the Double Diamond Design Process. Their outcomes respond to relevant wider context and are underpinned by design theory creating meaning and insight with the aim of fostering an organic understanding of, and engagement towards a brand, product or service.
The work would speak to client requirements intrinsically (JOHN) and should focus to surpass expectation, and acknowledge potential future opportunities to enhance how a brand is perceived.

Graphic design is about articulation through being voluble, literate, and visual. The designer I want to be capitalizes on these characteristics in a way that can be considered fluent, communicative, and professional. He anticipates concerns & questions someone might seek in order to ensure that his interaction extends sharp accuracy.

The designer I want to become asks the designer he wants to become what sort of designer he would like to become in the event that he becomes the design he wants to:

He would be bridging a gap between employment and self-employment

He would like to teach or write a book

He wants his work to make noise that qualifies responses that engage and encourage communication amongst the viewers in its wider context.