Fast Food Advertising

by liamdaisley

When I look at a fast food ad, before I consider anything else, as a designer, I know that the image presented is inaccurately presenting the food. It’s amide to look bloated, shot at flattering angles and stretched and and distorted by image editing software.

Not just that, but the food is bloody unhealthy for you, and dressing the product up in bright colours and surrounding it in smiling, happy faces are the steps being taken to cover the reality of the product in a veil that assures the customer of benefits of the food. The fact is, the food is nutritionally empty, pumped with bloating agents, soaked in additives or treated horrifically to get from where it was farmed or grown, into the the mouths of the customer.

Rant over. Here’s some research about the treatment of fast food produce

Here’s Jamie Oliver recreating Fast Food Chicken Nuggets with a leftover chicken carcass and stabiliser

Some of Subway’s Chicken arrives in the slow boat

“Imported meat is frozen and can take at least a month to reach the UK”.

Here’s what’s really in your McDonald’s Hamburger

“the vast majority of fast food beef comes from CAFO (concentrated agricultural feeding operation) cows. Not only is this horrible for the animals and the environment, but eating meat from sick animals will only make you sick. Eat a McDonald’s hamburger and you might be getting a mouth full of antibiotics, hormones, and dangerous bacteria”.