19:10:15 – Checkpoint 1

by liamdaisley

Friday’s Workshop

Sitting down with John was insightful the other day. He stressed the importance of a point raised and enforced by Simon Sinek, a critical practitioner who works within the realm of design. He said:

Companies don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it

So why do I want to do what I do?

Off the top of my head. I want my work to impact perception through pieces because I want to present them with the novelty of creation at it’s essence

He said that I seemed focused and direct which is great news and a good start to the year

I noted that there’s little physicality to the work though. Where are the agencies?
* I’ll cover this in my Annotated Bibliography

I’ll watch some Simon Sinek later because he’s a muad man

Monday’s Workshop

Feeling somewhat unprepared for this session, I believe that my work and presentation reflected it.

I only had a few books to show and it was clear to me that I Don’t have a considered knowledge of the relationship between my statement of intent, the points relating to my annotated bibliography, and the objects themselves. I need to constantly reinforce this until it’s drilled into me. To me, this work provides the leverage that directs me towards that goal. I gotta get it right