19:10:15 – Supersize Me

by liamdaisley

Supersize me follows Morgan Spurlock, a documentary maker as he choose to eat McDonalds  3 times a day for 30 days to learn the effects that this would have on the body and to learn how safe it might be.


McDonalds feeds more people than the residents of Spain, Spurlock explains. This is fighting when you consider what nutrient deficient foods are being fed to them.

“Americans eat out 40% of their meals” stressing the lack of knowledge people have in regards to what exactly goes into peoples food.

At one point, Spurlock remarks on the how his big mac “actually looks how it does in the advert”. This should be surprising, but once again, it’s another example of false advertising.

McDonalds at Children

1 Doctor in the documentary denotes the tactics the fast food giant uses to children:

Play Pens
Birthday Parties
“Gotta Have ‘Em” toys

Advertising Budgets

Mc Donalds: $1.4 million

Pepsi: 1 Billion

Hersheys: $200 million

Healthy Rood Advertising: $2 million