Chatting With James

by liamdaisley

James asked me about the food project earlier. I talked about my research, topic of fast food, and the route I planned to take in response to it (brandalism) and how it was an appropriate response to my audience based on their day to day lives and the images they’re exposed to.

He suggested focusing on the research I gather and letting it organically develop into the final piece rather than taking brandalism, an external idea disrupt it.

I said that it won’t confront an audience directly and people might not see it. It’s got to be in the real world or surely it’s not pertinent.

Not Dogs, our Spin brief project for example was a great idea. But who is changing there opinion or provoked to act based on work sat around in an exhibition?

James said that Duchamp’s Urinal was only seen by a small amount of people but the impact was significant and that it gave rise to other aspired works.

I feel like in that respect, I’m not really catering to my audience if I take his advice, I’m appealing to an ideal. I’m concerned that without an audience, my contextual research will lack.

Reflecting on this, I imagine my audience could be other designers that understand visual language.

This idea of following a growing idea throughout a project seems so organic. I’m still somewhat inclined to follow the brandalism route so long as my research justifies it, but:

1. I see it as an easy route out to go for
2. I feel that his suggestion might lead to a natural and comprehensive understanding of my subject which might (at very least) influence an even greater brandalism poster.