21:10:15 – Curated By – Paul Davis

by liamdaisley

On Instagram “We should be upping the game”.

“I have know idea what the rules are”

“People wear prada and they cough.” This was the inspiration for an advert Davis illustrated. He doesn’t like advertising ad exposes it in a humorous and sarcastic way, reminding me of Chris (Simpsons Artust)

Paul was one hungover with his mate in a shop. They found the water and his friend said “Paul, What water should we get?” This was a perfect example of how we are given an irrational amount of choice.

I’m not an illustrator, but I think drawing brings out the artist perception of someones experience.

“Buy persil, it’s fucking brilliant.” no it’s “Buy this or you’ll suffer”

Paul the mundane yet meaningful to him and what appears to be insignificant parts of life

“Theres a difference between satire and cynicism” and with the exception to politicians, Davis uses cynicism to bring out the personality in the people, events and experiences he meets

He draws silly jokes, laughs and people don;t find it funny, even me sometimes. but what I admire is the playful, honest approach to life as he sees it.

He even sees the art in being beaten up.

And there really is art in everything. The fear, loathing, love, hatred and boredum. I can see it sometimes, and I’m glad that this guy has brought out this realisation in me

He’s honest about failure to.

Whoever suggested him for this Curated By, a big thank you

Now off to the tap for a pint