Food Inc.

by liamdaisley

Farmers have become factories

  • Top 4 food companies in US control 80% of the food coming through:
  • Tyson have redesigned chickens to provide more of the product that people consume (White meat)
  • Chickens kept in the dark all the time
  • Chickens are not strong enough to walk in these coops
  • They commonly die in the coops due to the bad conditions
  • The idea that Super markets are filled with choice is an illusion
  • Corn fed to cows because it’s cheap and it fattens them up
    • Corn diet results in ecoli
  • Child called kevin died of e coli
    • Heart rendering
    • See “Kevin’s Law”. It’s still not been passed
  • “Hamburger meat filler clean of ecli with amonia” fill 70% of the burgers eaten in the US
  • Liv’s American cousin shocked by prices in Aldi for grocercies
  • 1 in 3 american born after 2000 will develop early onset diabetes.
  • “The kill floor” in the worlds largest slaughterhouse
  • meat packing is one of the most dangerous jobs in the states
  • Monsanto have 75 staff to investigate farmer saving seeds
  • Companies battle to win court cases that allow them to or not place or place particular information on their food packaging by their choice

Aesthetic References

Chicken coops

Huge super markets

Packaging with traditional star design sale logos all wrapped in plastic

CAFO: something animal food operations

Cows hung up upside down

Chickens heads poking up over one another in coops