23:10:15 – Changes to Issues With Food

by liamdaisley

Changes to the  Project

Another reason why I’ve needed to change my subject is because the issues I’ve previously had with food have targeted big business.The designer I wants to become “make[s] noise that qualifies responses that engage and encourage communication amongst [it’s] viewers in its wider context“, and I believe that I have access to the resources that could spark this conversation within a student community.

After yesterday’s realisation, I’m deciding to change the problem to intervening on student’s bad consumption habits. I’ve I’m starting this project with my observations of which I’ve come across quite a few


The main habits I’m familiar are:

  • Excessive weight loss plans
  • Consuming Coffee to fuel an all-nighter
  • The Ecclesall Road McDonalds delivery service
  • Late night kebabs
  • The Fresher 15
  • Munchies

So I salvaged any relevant past research that would apply to my work and set out to pick at some of the observations I’ve made