23:10:15 – Statement of Intent (Annotated)

by liamdaisley

Statement of Intent

With the realization that moving away from home and engaging with university culture can create lifestyle changes, this project, aimed at students aged 18-24 will expose & intervene on student eating habits considered unhealthy or bad. Encouraging a change to healthier options through a personal student perspective that considers my audience’s decisions lazy and uneconomical, this projected is motivated by the desire to see a change in thinking towards the aforementioned eating habits through striking, relatable content.


I would like to intervene on students bad consumption habits

  • Fast Food
  • The fresher 15
  • Eclesall Road McDonald’s Delivery
  • Pot Noodles
  • The Crap Bolster Used to Eat
    • Frozen Chicken Breasts
    • 20% Pork Sausages

Exposing the deficits of the habit

  • Fast Food: Eating chicken parts
  • Ready meals: Eating foods containing preservatives and additives
  • The fresher 15: Excessive weight gain/ loss
  • The crap Bolster used to eat: A spotty face and a lack of energy

that aren’t usually acknowledged and are easily overseen due to their short-term benefits

  • Fast food: No preparation
  • Ready meals: Don’t have to do much shopping
  • The fresher 15: Hedonistically engaging in the University lifestyle
  • Drinking coffee: Keeping students awake

and encourage changing these habits to healthier options

  • Fast food: Cooking
  • Ready meals: Cooking
  • The fresher 15: Snacking on fruit
  • Drinking coffee: Have a water instead

in a blunt and honest student perspective that reflects my attitude towards the constant or consistent consumption of food

I want to come across as being forward because although I don’t think it’s hard to cook most of your meals, more importantly, aware that the “go-to” alternative is full of preservatives, stabilisers and bad quality foods demonstrates to me that students aren’t showing care towards their welfare.
Because as a designer I want to be blunt, I’m going to leave topics that might be controversial and provoking due to the attitude (i.e. excessive weight loss). This is important because it speaks to the sense of morality I want to to be aware of as a designer.