24:10:15 – Researching the list of of Student Consumption Habits

by liamdaisley

I need to look for hard evidence for more of the deficits of these bad eating habits to provide the audience with legitimate fact in my work. Here are my findings:

Drinking Coffee and/or energy drinks in order to keep energised to finish an essay in order during an all-nighter

Contrary to my belief that the average person will crash about twenty minutes after drinking a coffee, I learnt today that caffeine remains in the body up to 6 hours after consumption.

Eating Fast Food

Something Nick and Jonny engage in all too often.

Eating fast food means consuming Chicken Carcass, artificial favours and stabiliser:

The Fresher 15

A phenomenon that suggests the risk of students losing or gaining 15 pounds based on the self-directed autonomy that govern their eating habits


Late Night Kebabs

Something that applies to more than just students but predominately occurs in the areas I go out to

Bad eating Habits amongst my Friends

Last year, my mate Bolster ate some fucking horrific food. The frozen chicken breasts he brought out of the freezer looked like an artefact brought back from Superman’s home planet of Krypton. He also ate “frozen sausages, coco pops and a lot of chinese.” It’s all bad for you. I need to find out what else is in it


Of all of these, the main issue surrounding almost all of them is The Freshers 15. It’s clear that I should consider using this as my focal point