27:10:15 – Campaigns, Advertising and Tone of Voce

by liamdaisley

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Other Eating Campaigns:

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Change 4 Life is a parent targeting healthy eating campaign focuses on the family’s health as a means of motivation for parents. The design conveys it’s message with cheer and directs the audiences attention towards the benefits of change in the future.

I find myself asking whether students would respond to this. As one myself, I would have to say no and would draw a comparison to hard-hitting imagery or a more direct approach to motivate action. This image, for example, conveys the reality behind domestic abuse:

I don’t want to be hard hitting, after all I wouldn’t consider these bad eating habits a large threat and considering I’m aiming the intervention at students, this is an indicator of the issue’s contingency.

Instead I want to shake to audience up by being forward. As if I we’re to approach Jonny or Bolster themselves and say “MATE. YOU’RE A MORON. HAVE A PIECE OF FRUIT FOR CHRIST SAKE, IT’S NO WONDER YOU’RE ALWAYS SUCK IN YOUR ROOM AND CAN’T BE BOTHERED TO DO ANYTHING.”

I want to take the piss more than anything else.

So what if my work took on the form of a dialogue, conversation or direct comment?

The message itself would come across formally and more down to earth, enforcing my blunt, straightforward approach. This sarcastic approach reflects the day-to-day conversations students have too.

Like the other day I remarked on the meat content of Jonny’s sausages yesterday (40%). He said “yeah, but thankfully the rest of it’s mostly just water”. “Oh well at least you’ll be kept hydrated“, I said.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 14.51.54

Beginning to see a theme of toon styles

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 14.54.37

And bright colours. I feel as though I would come across as satirical towards healthy eating campaigns if I used this aesthetic and that’s not my aim.

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