28:10:15 – Aesthetic (1950s Culture)

by liamdaisley



Following on from my vintage advertisement findings, I spilt this idea above down on paper.

I thought I’d create a little character who might provide a recurring theme throughout my works. He represents the lazy, hedonistic or impatient student who has fallen for the glistening advert, low price or promise of less weight gain and is seen in this picture marvelling over Asda’s 2p sausages.

To make him easy to reference in future blogs, I’m temporarily giving him the name “Timmy”.

Firstly, I’ve illustrated a boy because men have been responsible for the eating habits. The glistening eyes and name suggest youthfulness and naivety in falling for the face value and short term benefits of these choices, an important signifier in this work

I did more research into the vintage advertising I posted earlier. More specifically, I was referring to the cultural references and portrayal of American culture during the 1950s.

The 50s saw significant economic and growth at a time when conformity and conservatism we’re “the norms of the time”. This explains my observation that “the happy family” seemed to be idolised in these images.


Here’s another example of 1950s advertising. Note the two family cars (of which 14% of US families acclaimed this ownership), the dog ad the couple

History: 1950s


“Decade of consumerism”

“Advertising during this period reflected a conscious return to traditional family values”

Fallout 4

Next is Fallout. A video game set in the future that uses a lot of similar references to create a noticeable gap between it’s gleaming past and dystopian present.

Here’s a link to Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_in_the_1950s