26:10:15 – Bus Stop Ad Campaign

by liamdaisley

My audience are subject to advertising down our road a a lot. Bus stop advertisement in particular

I asked. What if I we’re to create an advertisement campaign in student orientate areas to promote healthy eating?

I’d need to do some research on campaigns aimed at students, look at current ad campaigns and discover whether or not they are effective in their eyes, but the idea does have potential

It would be important to me as a designer that the work itself fits into a students everyday life and functions as a real campaign to provide a sense of realism to the problem and authenticity to my work

So I found these french guys who upload tutorials and sell instruments that allow me to “Hack urban spaces”. This means breaking into bus stops and achieving my goal

They have a Facebook Account: https://www.facebook.com/jeanclaude.decaux.94
And a Viva Street Profile (whatever that is): http://bricolage-jardin-chauffage.vivastreet.com/outillage-jardinage+paris-18eme-ardt-75018/clef-allens-perc-es-de-6mm-jcd/124410768