03.11.15 – Sitting Down With Lee

by liamdaisley

Lee and I agree after today that I’ve been trying to create a refined singular final piece that attempts to make a legitimate impact on my audience up until now.

Focus on what the elements of my represents, not how you’re trying to tell it.


The meaning I’m trying to convey creates an idea of my target student audience as gullible of adverts  and the practical, short-term benefits of fast/ bad quality/ high sugar foods.

I think that output and it’s environment/context is really really important, but concepts we’re far more important to me during sixth form and harnessing that will make me feel more comfortable during this project


I had a good think and recycle of the work. It’s altered my perspective largely on how I ought to approach all projects in the future.

What I was doing was shooting straight to the final piece. This has happened a lot this year.

What I should have done was focus on how I want to say something graphically that doesn’t require particular canvas dimensions or a pixel width. I needed something that characterises my project and the point I am shooting for.

Example. Rather than jumping for “bus stop ad cause it works for my audience”.

Character design because it works for my tone of voice.