London Trip – 17:11:15

by liamdaisley

Day 1

We swung right into the week by visiting Pentagram. A design consultancy that work in various design hotspots around the world, I consider Pentagram to be one of the most successful companies in it’s nichè. I just had to see it.
A chilled atmosphere downstairs set the scene for the business’s general attitude. It’s one thing I like about the industry.
After we we’re led upstairs we asked some questions, taking a look around the work area. It occurred to me at this point that around that sort of environment, I currently feel intimidated. This is despite the smiling faces that greeted us, because all of these people, making work to such a professional standard arises thoughts of how at University, I’ve felt protected in the safety bubble of education whilst what feels like the challenging “big world out there” looms, demanding a higher gear. I believe that I can achieve this, but I’m taking my time and refusing to rush at this demanding pressure after attempting this various times last year and feeling out of sync with my work.
What I can take away at the moment is that at least I know where I think I stand setting out a realistic avenue for me to personally exceed it.
The building itself was used to load cargo in and out setting out a traditional aesthetic which maintains Pentagram’s knack for aesthetic, this was noticeable on the way back down to the entrance where we we’re offered a series of books designed by Pentagram.
Looking through the books on the way back from London, It occurred to me that the works Pentagram produce are generally the forms of graphic design I want to be producing. Advertising, poster, signage, packaging, identity, logo, branding and web.
Here We’re also wicked.  A very coherent and articulate partner of the business provided clear information and I aim to achieve. However, I couldn’t help but ask myself, with so many employees, do some creative voices not struggle to be heard? Mac Monkeys motivate me to work Freelance more, however I know that it’s important to stick work like that out
Day 2
Someone Designs saw more Mac Monkeys but it’s always good to speak to Someone from Hallam and these guys obviously take pride in their work.
Day 3
Offset gave me the honour of hearing Seb Lester speak. I’ve need heard to him before but as it turns out he’s invented a decent portion of the type faces I’ve seen. His humble attitude and honest approach shows proof that genuine and hard work have the power to fuel a rewarding and desired career
Day 4
The London Police spoke too. Their mad debauchery in performing there original Acapella renditions (themed) around dogs allowed me to admire a carelessness that I aspire too achieve myself
It was a great trip. I learnt a lot. Thank you Pam, Matt and all other tutors involved in the trip x