22.11.15 – Issues With Food – Checkpoint

by liamdaisley

Food Project Reflection

What is the Project?
Here are the notes I’ve written up following the Issues With Food Project we’ve been working on over the past few weeks.
The problem I’m focusing on are the bad eating habits students pick up during their attendance at uni and the risk of the fresher ’15 (a phenomenon that suggests the likelihood of 15lbs of weight loss or gain based on student dietary changes).
I think this subject is an issue worth raising awareness about having heard stories and seen the effects across the past few years.
The reason behind these bad eating habits are based on things such as saving money to go on nights out and the amount of perceived effort.
Responding to the project, I created a character that represents every bad student eating habit I’ve recorded and seen during my time at uni. He is based on my roommates and subjects of this problem in my primary research.
How Did It Go?
As mentioned, the issues is based on first hand experience, and not a lot of it. I don’t think is a basis for a real project. I feel compelled to reach out to my audience with a question/ series of questions to attempt to find bad eating habits that students partake in the most. This will give me access to a larger audience.
John Remarked that there was no girl Character? I didn’t find it necessary because all of the subjects of my project we’re male (so far). He also remarked on how I appear to be creating a brand.
I didn’t have any examples of this work applied to any outputs (flyers, pamphlets etc). This could have been achieved with a larger commitment to . However, I’m glad I took my time.
Alina Wheeler’s book Designing Brand Identity suggests how a character represents the values and attributes of a brand. I have a character that represents the opposite of this which I use to show the audience what decisions are being made incorrectly by students. Before making these decisions, Jimmy, the character is confronted with a dialogue that reveals the results of the consumption of whatever goods he was about it eat.
So how about a female character that represents the project’s healthy eating attitudes? She can also act to respond to Jimmy’s dialogue.
I feel somewhat uncomfortable using a character because the decision was based on research that is now useless to the project. Having said that, I believe that the visual language I use is still a viable option. John highlighted how observing this narrative from a third person perspective allows the audience to relate to either character,  providing them with a reference point to understand their behaviours and consequentially take action.
The illustrations aren’t of a high standard and I want to create work that might be used for actual material that targets the biggest, most realistic issues surrounding my topic.
What Action Will I take?
I’ll start by:
  • Researching into the freshers 15 further to discover any problems it has caused
  • Create a questionnaire
  • Learn illustration techniques to make make Jimmy look like a more authentic and professional cartoon